Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Puddle Jumping Runs

This morning I took this picture of my kids and posted it on Instagram (by the way, I finally jumped on the bandwagon and joined instagram, my username is runmomrunblog so follow me!).  I originally posted it saying that I love how they hurry and get ready and then sit on the heat vent in the mornings just like I do, but the more I looked at it the more I just saw how grown up they are looking these days!

Especially my Tyler!  I can't believe it.

This afternoon I went with my friend to Costco (I don't have my own card, so I mooch off others) and I saw suits for little boys for only $30 and I knew I had to get one for Henry!

Anyone who attends church year round realizes that there are only two times during the year that little boys dress clothes are available at reasonable prices, Easter and Christmas.  Usually the Christmas ones are too over the top for my taste and the Easter ones are too wonky, so my kids end up basically wearing school uniforms to church.  So to see a nice suit (purple will not go well with my cute redheaded buddy, so I'll replace the shirt and tie with items we already have) at a reasonable price was too good to pass up.  Especially since Henry has been dying for a suit ever since Tyler got his.

My same friend who is kind enough to take me to Costco with her on a weekly basis brought my kids a superb treat:

If you've never had a Kinder Egg you're missing out big time.  We lived in Germany for a few years when I was a kid.  A block down the street was a little corner convenience store and I remember saving my money until I had just enough for one egg, then I'd run down to the store and buy one (I've never been very good at patience).  These eggs have a special place in my heart and I'm so glad my kids get to experience it too!

Tonight's run was a 6 mile hilly run.  We were supposed to start when it was still light outside, but because of some bad traffic our friends from JBLM got stuck in we ended up going about a half hour later.  It was light when we started, dark when we finished, and rainy the whole way.

There is something special about runs in the rain.  You start out cautiously.  You don't want to get your feet wet, you just want to ease into it.  But somewhere along the way you stop being so proper and become a little more carefree and by the end you're splashing through puddles and having a blast (that transition usually happens about the time your shoes get soggy enough that it doesn't matter anyway).  I love the process my mind goes through to accept the conditions I'm running and figure out how to have fun.  We finished the 6 mile run at a 7:50 average pace so it was just light, carefree and fun.

Mid run as we crested the top of a hill I saw what looked to be a giant dog.  I slowed down a little bit because dogs that big without owners standing next to them make me nervous.  But as I approached I noticed that it was a deer and that there were two more of them.  I ran as quietly as I could to try and get as close as I could and it was awesome!  Well, until running buddy Drew crashed through and scared them off, but it was still an incredible sight.

The only thing I do not like about running in the rain is the tangled mess my hair turns into.

It's hard to tell from that picture, but that's basically a 20 minute brush job to unsnarl.  My hair is too heavy to wear in a braid when I run so it swishes around in a ponytail until it's a giant ball of knots at the end.  

It's rough having so much luscious hair.  You don't understand the trials I go through. 


  1. Your Instagram username is "runmomrum" haha I was confused...

    1. Ha! That's what I get for signing up so early in the morning. I was wondering why so obvious a name was still left. I changed it to runmomrunblog.

  2. The worst part about running in the rain is the messy hair when the run is over! Such a pain to brush through!

  3. Looks like I am going to be making a trip to Costco- love little boy suits!